Vendor Agreement

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No Post Dated Checks. Make Checks Payable to: Tennessee Strawberry Festival, 107 Main Street, Dayton, TN 37321. Vendor fee must accompany application or vendor will not be considered for our event. There will be no refunds issued for ANY booth space**

The Tennessee Strawberry Festival Steering Committee, Dayton Chamber of Commerce officers and/or directors, all representative property owners will not be held liable for damage of judgments that may be suffered by entrant, participant or spectator to his person or property and agree to indemnify the aforesaid parties against any losses, liability, expense or payment resulting from any such injury to person or property.



Vendors must set up on Thursday (before the event) and will be open for business Friday (during the event) and Saturday (during the event). Vendors are to be present both days. Family Fun Area participants are to be present on Saturday. The deadline for entries is posted to the event pages on our website. No vendors will be accepted after the deadline or once all booths have been reserved, whichever occurs first.



The central location for the festival is the downtown area of Dayton. Absolutely no motorized vehicles will be allowed to remain in the vending area or the parking spaces around the courthouse. The Courthouse lawn will be open for business on Friday. This is an outdoor event so please prepare accordingly.



The food vendors will be located on 2nd Avenue, as in years past. The set-up area is on the street and therefore you must be prepared to set up on the pavement and ALL FOOD VENDORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE GROUND COVER AND FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. The ground cover can be roofing felt or a type of mat. You will be covering the ground area of the entire booth. (NO STAKES ALLOWED ON PAVEMENT). Food vendors will not be allowed to bring items not listed and approved by the festival. The Tennessee Department of Health will be on site for inspection.

  • $700 for a 12’ x 15’ space with water and electricity provided (please indicate on the application). You will serve from the 12’ side (front) only, not any other side. If additional space is needed you will be required to purchase the additional space. If you plan on having any type of enclosed trailer or wagon type vending please note the space size, AND allow for the doors and tongue.



The non-food vendors will be located on the Rhea County Courthouse lawn, as in years past. Vendors will not able to drive any type of stake in the courthouse grounds, as we have an irrigation system. Vendors will be required to secure their tents, tables, etc. with weights. You must stay within your allotted area. If you have attended previous shows and prefer a specific space please note that on your application, but know that does not guarantee you that space.

  • $100 for a 12’ x 12’ space with electricity provided (please indicate on the application). Please note you are renting “real estate”! You MUST provide your own table, chairs, tent, etc. If additional space is needed, you will be required to purchase it. All direct sales vendors and resale vendors will be placed together, you will not be in with the craft or food vendors. We will be following strict guidelines and the Tennessee Department of Revenue will be on site for tax purposes.

Entrance fee will be 20% of total gross sales. There will be no food sales in the children’s area. A copy of your liability insurance must be submitted with your application. Participant will be responsible for Tennessee Sales Tax remittance. The Family Fun Area is open for business on Saturday from 9:00 am till dark. You are welcome to open on Friday evening if you wish. We fully expect that the Family Fun Area participants to stay at least until dark on Saturday.



The Festival Committee will assign spaces based on the following criteria:

  • Booth space will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Prior year participants will receive priority, but that does not guarantee booth space. Spaces are limited.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed. Not for sale or personal use.
  • No selling of food or drinks in the craft vending area, vendors must stay within their assigned space, and you may not lower your prices for “end of day” sales. You are permitted to adjust your price to match other vendors, but no undercutting in prices.
  • No giving away food or drinks (sodas) in a direct sales/resale vendor booth.
  • Must provide a cell phone # and email address for communication purposes. (See application)
  • The Festival only accepts one vendor of each type of items (such as only one Tupperware vendor, one Avon vendor, etc.). We will not duplicate, so it is first come/first serve.
  • Items to be sold must be made by the vendor and be appropriate for a family event.
  • Craft vendors must send 3 photos of your craft. If you want them returned, please provide self-addressed, stamped envelope.

All booth spaces will be assigned by the committee and will be FINAL. We will be following strict guidelines. ALL VENDORS must provide a detailed description of the food you want to bring. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.



Upon acceptance, you will receive a confirmation card. If you are not accepted, you will be notified and your check will be returned. Confirmation packets will be sent in April. The confirmation package will include a parking pass with your booth number and a map of the vending area, instructions on setup time, lodging information, and directions to Dayton. If you have any questions, please call the Dayton Chamber of Commerce at (423) 775-0361.

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